Memorial Garden

The Rockville Presbyterian Fellowship Memorial Garden, established in 2010, is intended to be a place of tranquility, remembrance, prayer, and contemplation. The Memorial Garden is a way of memorializing our loved ones in the intimate and peaceful setting of our church grounds, a return to the tradition of making one's final resting place by the church. The garden will honor the memory of those who have died with a plaque bearing their name and mounted on the garden wall.

Memorial plaques will be custom-cast from quality, long-lasting bronze and may be purchased by church members, past members, regular attendees, employees, past employees, and family members of the above.

Each plaque will be 2 1/2” high by 10” wide with raised lettering and border.

The deceased’s name and years of birth and death will appear in a uniform

font, size, and style similar to that shown here.

          1) An application will need to be filled out and returned to the church office or to the pastor before a cost can be determined.

          2) Before any payment is required, a proof from the manufacturer will need to be approved by the purchaser and the cost determined for this plaque - covering the actual cost of the plaque, its installation and a fee for garden maintenance.

Applications and more information about the Memorial Garden are available in the church office. Questions may be directed to the office staff at (707) 863-0581 or by email to

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