Becoming A Member

At Rockville, we welcome all to participate and we appreciate both members and friends. However, if the Lord should lead you to consider membership in our church, we make new members classes available on a regular basis (check the web calendar!). The class typically lasts 2 hours and only one introductory class is needed to become a member.

We see membership as a mutual event. The new members make vows before our Lord and to the congregation. Members of the congregation make vows to support the new members and their families in the way of discipleship. Together we then encourage and support each other in a pilgrimage of faith as we follow Christ.

Membership can be accomplished in one of several ways:

-Affirmation of faith, (doing it for the first time)
-Re-affirmation of faith (doing it after being away from a church or fellowship for a while, or
-Transfer (already a member of another church but have recently moved here or had some other life change)

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